Report of our EXpedition

Thursday, May 31, 2012


1) What is your name?
- Lyndon McCray (Lyn-Don-McCray) - 

2) Where are you from?
- Brooklyn, NYC - 

3) What do you do?
- Recognizibly a film & video editing magician (by trade haha). Often credited as a producer. My background and bachelors degree is based on my achieviments as director (as well as the other culminating factors of filmmaking). Recently discovering my niche as post producer of mid-higher end short form video presentations such as demo/sizzle reels, trailers and journalistic segments. McCray Media + Co was a company I established to focus soley on that end of the film broadwalk. Let's see where it leads... -

4) What inspired you to pursue your creative career?
- My lust for not only art in general but the celebration and integration of other artists and artforms. I've considered my work a network. A hub to either combine my vision with the work of others, or as a plaform to showcase and highlight the works of others. We're living in technologic times where we all need an image (biggest to smallest) representing ourselves and our efforts. Everyday I aspire to creatively play a major, advocate role within that process. -

5) What is your view on the state of the arts?
- Hmm the state of the arts... I appreciate the democracy despite the number of bullshit politicians haha. The playing field is undoubtedly more level than ever (#DOPENESS), however we've got a lot of quality players sitting on the bench while nonsense runs the caucus race (#Wonderland) and is getting rewarded. It's temporary, thank goodness, we're figuring it out. All and all I've had the immense honor of not only working with phenomenal people, companies and orgs, but I've also hand selected filmmakers on the brink to participate in online platforms, international film festivals and local series'... I can personally vouche that there's more beauty in the art world than most of us fans are even aware of. We've just got to keep up the good hustle and play our respective parts. That's my Jerry Maguire speech, now show us the money! -

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