Report of our EXpedition

Friday, August 10, 2007

EXpedition Status Report 4

This has been a great summer! Lots of good news.

Mr. Bowman's film, "Kindred the Immortal." will be shown at Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival this weekend. The Festival kicked off on Wednesday and will conclude this Sunday Aug, 12Th.

We just received a nice size contract to do animation on a website for a company based in the UK. Can't get too much into details right now but we'll be able to provide more as we wrap up the project. Inadvertently this project has slowed production of MONKKEY and LOGOS.

This week the website has been updated with another a scene from MONKKEY and a teaser trailer of a project called GILGAMESH.

Also since the last update the website has been a little revamped for better maneuverability!!

Cliche' phrase for this week, "Iron sharpens Iron". Word of the week Audacity.