Report of our EXpedition

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


1) What is your name?
- Matt Buchwalter - 

2) Where are you from?
- Columbus, OH - 

3) What do you do?
- I am currently employed as a musician for ShadowboxLive, the nations largest resident theater company. - 

4) What inspired you to pursue your creative career?
- Music has always been the driving force for me. Both of my parents have always been very encouraging and supportive of my passion, so to an equal degree, they inspired me just as much. -

5) What is your view on the state of the arts?
- My view on the state of the arts is always clouded. In my specific field, live entertainment; the state of the current economy directly affects our numbers in terms of ticket sales and revenue from food and drinks while attending the show. There is always a fear of job security in this industry, but I believe that that fear helps to fuel the passion that pushes us to be the best at our own personal craft. -

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