Report of our EXpedition

Friday, April 13, 2007

EXpedition Status Report 1

-One new image to the A.M. Frasier folder has been added this week.
-First chapter of the LOGOS is currently in the inking and toning stages and should be complete by next Friday. This project was set back do to work being done on youth program proposal that Exodus will be apart of sometime in the near future.
-The second episode of Monkkey is in the production stages. We're looking at having that completed by the end of May.
-As you can see I've added some new links to the blog. The links that have been added are excellent resources for learning Flash.

What is E-Motion

E-Motion is an ongoing project that will be updated with at least one picture each week. Some may get colored others will not. These drawings are apart of my 30 to 60 minute warming up before I jump off into the real work of the day. E-Motion is a study of the characters that populate the LOGOS universe. They are captured in a snap shot of their most unguarded moment. Images can be found on the Exodus Publishing website under Art-A.M. Frasier-2007.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Film Festivals and Calls for Entry

Please let everyone know of any upcoming Film Festivals, Art Exhibitions and Calls for Entry or Submissions.

If we don't help one another, WHO WILL?