Report of our EXpedition

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


1) What is your name?
- Meron Dagnew - 

2) Where are you from?
- Originaly from Ethiopia but raised in NYC - 

3) What do you do?
- I am a director of an arts organization (non profit) working on capacity building for the arts and culture sector in Ethiopia called "Culture and Arts For Ethiopia" CAFE - 

4) What inspired you to pursue your creative career?
- Tried to repatriate back to my country and work in a sector I feel comfortable in, however I came to find out that there was no infrastructure nor the paradigm understanding in the country. It was just too soon to do what I wanted to do so I decided since I want to do what I want and make money I could not wait for someone else to do it so I founded the organization and started work -

5) What is your view on the state of the arts?
- My view on the state of the arts here in Ethiopia is the reason why i do what i do. With the help of hopefully good arts funding, and government support, our organization is trying to shift and move into this new paradigm of thinking that arts is the core of the creative thinking and that all stakeholders have to come together to find a solution. One of our big programs is introducing arts education within the public school system curriculum here in Ethiopia. -

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