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Sunday, September 21, 2008

EXpedition Status Report 7 sharpening the skills

Everyday it's about sharping the skills you have. You can either do this physically or through thought.
Near the campus where I attend classes there is an Art Institute and they have various free workshops. In the Lobby of the school there was a posting for a life drawing workshop to be held every thursday at 6:00pm. For the past two weeks when I would go to the room where the workshop was suppose to be held there was no one there. Even after waiting for 30 to 45 minutes no one showed up. So last week I decided to give one last hoorah to see if this workshop actually existed. This time I got to the room about 6:50pm and to my surprise there were people. cliche application:"there is something to be said for persistence." So it's me and two other guys a female and the model. The three other artist there were animators for a company called Obsidian it used to be Black Isle. The company has made great video games such as Never Winter Nights and Boldars Gates. Their company sponsered the workshop and provided the model. These guys said they usually started a little after seven because they were getting off work. I thought to myself "Man what a great job enviornment where you work with people all day long then you go and practice your skills with the same people for several more hours."
We worked on various poses till about 10:00pm. It was a great opportunity to discuss all things art, the video game industry, and of course sharpen the art skillz. The only odd thing was there were no art students that attended which was a complete shame seeing that it was free and facilitated by professional industry people...Oh well. I will definitely be meeting with them in weeks to come.

Keep Sharp

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