Report of our EXpedition

Saturday, September 13, 2008

EXpedition Status Report 6

It has been awhile. But, that's ok because we've been extremely busy over the last few months. I finally made the jump to the big L.A.. In just the few months I've been here freelance work has increased incredibly. I truly enjoy talking with and working with other artist that share the same dreams and seem ready to "do" and not just "say".

Monkkey is still under construction and so is the LOGOS. In the move many of my tools to create Monkkey have been lost but I'm getting back up to speed. With LOGOS I'm slowly but surely hacking away at the chapters.

Slice of Heaven, an idea inspired by a drawing, is being brought into reality in the form of greeting cards. The art work for the cards will be from myself and Mr. James Bowman (Poochie) and verses by Keena Ferguson. The cards will feature cute cuddly kids but will also have a sexy contemporary metropolitan animated feel to them as well. That website is nearly completed and the pricing for the cards are still under negotiation.

For those of you who get a chance check out This website features great information and links to a large variety of african american comics and graphic novels.

All of this while I hack away and continue my training as a psychologist. I will be in touch. Keep Sharp!!!

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