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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Greatest day in American History, November 4th 2008

I write these words simply because America has chosen a person, whom just 150 years ago would have been considered less than human and 1/3rd of an American. Yesterday was the greatest day because Crispus Attucks paved the way, because Harriet Tubman paved the way, because Frederick Douglas paved the way, Ida B. Wells paved the way, because W.E.B. DuBois paved the way, Kwame Nkrumah paved the way because Martin Luther King Jr. paved the way, because Nelson Mandela paved the way, and because countless more people of African decent who endured and decended from slavery and/or colonization paved the way.

The election of an intelligent, thoughtful and eloquent man by a cross section of the various peoples of America, shows that this country is maturing and understanding that America isn't and can't be a homogeneous entity that believes in its own arrogant superiority over others. It is America's diversity, which flows from every country and land throughout the world that makes America the best. Not our military might, not our financial power, but our hope (especially now) which gives everyone the dream to do and become whatever we work hard for.

Do not get me wrong, America still has a long journey to open up equal opportunities for all. Sadly, it may have been easier to elect a Black president of the United States, than to guarantee a person of color or a woman the right to a career or education that they rightfully worked hard for and sacrificed to attain. There are still too many instances where an Educated and qualified African American male will be looked over for a less qualified white male whom the employer may be more comfortable with. The fact remains that whites in this country own the vast majority of businesses, property, and wealth in this country. This fact has spanned from the 1500's until today.

What I hope for and long for is a time when my friends, family, and myself can be judged strictly by our resumes and experience, and not by whether the employer would be comfortable having Blacks work along side them. Barack Obama represents an opening to challenge the discomfort and fears that some whites still have concerning our acceptance into the same schools, places of employment, and entrepreneurship. This man is our leader, and America's representative to the world. He wants us all to have an equal chance and an equal opportunity. We cannot be afraid or stingy with sharing our resources. We must allow all people a chance to become something great, whether we fail or succeed in the process.

My father never had a chance to see such a great, New beginning to our country. He died after years of sacrifice and struggle to make sure his family and so many others, would have a True opportunity to work hard toward what they believed in. He would be so proud now, and would be just as ready to roll up his sleeves and get back to work making sure we All have our chance. My parents are a part of what I call the Greatest Generation, for they marched, protested, and stood up for something greater than themselves, throughout the 1950's, 60' and 70's. Through their work and sacrifice Barack Obama was able to break through. I believe that it is Our time as Generation X, Y, and Z to wake up and stand up for one another. All people of America are responsible for one another. We are Africans, Europeans, Asians, and various indigenous peoples who Are American. We must all respect everyones ancestral roots and cultures, and be strong enough to bring them together as America.

Lets Get to work!

James N Bowman

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