Report of our EXpedition

Monday, June 4, 2012


1) What is your name?
- Ann LePore - 

2) Where are you from?
- Saratoga County, New York - 

3) What do you do?
- I'm an artist and educator. I like to build, hack, break, edit, project and animate. - 

4) What inspired you to pursue your creative career?
- Delmer Herrick, my high school art teacher believed in me. If it weren't for him, I never would have pushed myself creatively, or gone to art school. -

5) What is your view on the state of the arts?
- The state of the arts in this state is not great- in terms of official NJ support, or American arts support for that matter. However, as artists, we create our own communities and our own support networks- and while we have very few monetary resources, we support each other better than any government ever could. -

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