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Monday, April 26, 2010

EXpedition Status Report 8: Some new ARTifacts

We haven't used it in awhile around here but the term ARTifacts (TM) is what we here on the EXpeditions (TM) call new artistic finds. Creation from artist big and small, old and new.

MonKKey is steadily growing in popularity. I'll be submitting episode two to film festivals this week. By the end of this week you'll see some cool art work from MonKKey up as well. And always remember "the MONKKEY tale !!!"

Checkout the latest additions to the Worm Hole. Links to some very talented artists... - Brother Middleton will be helping me with the production of MonKKey chapter 3. He's a fellow comrade from the Animation Academy. - Another very inspiring artist. Brother Dillihay is always busy doing something in the field check out his work. In fact the link to this video I got from his blog. It was so interesting I decided to put it on mine;)

Keep Sharp

1 comment:

The Artifact said...

I would like to break down this video into categories. The first is "Quality of Animation". The animation is very fluid and drawn very well. The second category is "Social Commentary". The imagery of this video expresses the pain of racism and slavery, while also showing our own African American hypocrisy. The final category is "Lyrical Content". Although the lyrics espouse the degradation of African/African American people, the use of N word takes away from the importance of what is being said.

I hope that you will take another look at this video, and voice your response.