Report of our EXpedition

Saturday, September 1, 2007

EXpedition Status Report 5

The preliminary animation for InTV is finished. They liked what they saw so I will finalize it and send it too them.

The UK project is 50 percent complete. I would have started on the second half this week but I had a some computer trouble. My PSU (power supply) in Shogun Black (the big computer) was malfunctioning. The fan wasn't cooling the system properly. I took out the old one and replaced it. Now everything is good as new.

Production on Monkkey and Logos are steady.

Four new links have been added for: DV Republic, Ajamu Space, James' Space and Newgrounds.

Check them out.

The sketches that have been added to my portfolio this week are of Krru LeUn(pronounced: "Croo", roll the "r". This is the title of a master monk. LeUn is pronounced "lay oon") Krru Klungcla (The female) and The Soimdauk (Grand Master) Animus (the smaller of the two males). The Grand Master Animus is featured in the second episode of Monkkey training the young pupil Somnang.

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