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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Festival was a success

The Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival is not one ta have missed. This past weekend was a very enjoyable time, especially with my film Kindred Immortal being well received. The Island is beautiful and the people were just as appealing. I recommend this place and this film festival for evreyone to visit.

With that said, there were many good films to be seen at the festival. Particularly, Silent Choices by Faith Pennick, which tackles the truths and myths about abortion in the Black Community. As well as the audience award winning film, I'm Through with White Girls by Jennfer Sharp. The title of the second film may be an enticement or a discouragement, but this film will dispell the sterotypes that you may expect. And also Algeny:The Genetic Factor by Andrew Burroughs, a sci-fi thriller about a man with a unique immune system. This film was the winner of the HBO best feature award.

All in all, I as everyone who reads this blog to support all of the films which were at the festival. You can see a listing at . And please spread the word about my film and the other films that were chosen to be a part of such a wonderful experience.

James Bowman

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Anonymous said...

i think the film is GREAT and i'm showing it to everyone that i know!!! keep up the good work!!!!
your friend.....Tracie