Report of our EXpedition

Sunday, June 3, 2007

EXpedition Status Report 3

The images are flowing this week. Jim Brothers has 5 new pics added to his portfolio that are phat (real good) and I've added 4 more to my folder as well (A.M. Frasier).

This week 4 new characters that are apart of the LOGOS universe and have been added. In 3 of the four pictures the characters are truely in motion. I went back and numbered each piece by when I completed the sketch. So the pictures may appear to be out of order because they are not aligned chronologically in the portfolio.

Two more scenes of MonKKey have been cleaned up. There are currently 20 scenes. There are a few more scenes that still need to be added. I orginially was going to split this chapter into three parts (A, B, and C) due to thinking the file size maybe two large. However part A is coming out to be reasonably small in file size so I may combine A and B into one segment.

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