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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hoping for a Second Chance

I picked up this film at a session of Home Base Poetry, in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The story is about an absentee father, who tries to re-enter the lives of his son and former girlfriend, after five years. The film is entitled, "Second Chance", and was written, directed and produced by Iris Huey. Upon seeing the premise of this film, I was apprehensive and even cynical, believing that this was another stereotypical film, which would continue to degrade an already depressed African American community. But after viewing this piece, I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and even dignified approach to the subject matter.

The film took time to confront the reason behind the father's neglect, and the pain of abandonment within the mother. There weren't the cliched vulgarities that supposedly represent real relationships within the Africa diaspora. Director, Iris Huey focused on the vulnerabilities and the emotions of real people. Actors Divine Muhammad and Adrian Marcel Williams gave heartfelt performances that are worth seeing.

As an animator/filmmaker myself, I truly understand what an undertaking it is to produce a film. To be an independent filmmaker, as well, takes a certain type of fortitude and determination, that few people dare to have. With that said, the apparent use of digital video may be a little unsettling, but I hope the viewer can adjust and settle in to the story. I'm thankful for the efforts of artists like Miss Huey, and I hope more people will support the independent efforts like hers.

This film can be purchased, along with viewing the trailer at

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Anonymous said...

Nice review, James, and it sounds like a good one. I'll put it on my list. I hope you are doing well out there. We miss you here. Mike