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Friday, November 23, 2007

What is it about THE MIST.......

That makes humanity come to life?

After viewing the film The Mist, I had a revelation about the true mentality of humanity. This film dwells upon the premise of a fog coming into a small town in Maine, after a vicious storm the previous night. The story centers upon a number of townspeople shopping in a local supermarket to replenish supplies as the fog bank moves in. As the fog descends on the general area of the store, a bloody man runs frantically toward the store's entrance, in a desperate need for refuge.

As time continues, the mystery becomes solved as to what terror awaits the townspeople in the fog. Creatures of unimaginable magnitude set prey to them as to satiate their hunger. But the fear of the beasts does not compare to the true horror that arises from the psyche of the people within the supermarket.

I begun this post with the question, what is it about The Mist, that makes humanity come to life? It's not the mist itself that awakes the subconscious of the townspeople, but a combination of fear, ignorance, hate and a number of other weaknesses of which free thought sits in the backseat. Not many people can say that they have feared for their lives, or been in such desperation that reason becomes irrelevant.

This film questions our religious and spiritual beliefs, the importance of class, racial predjudice, and our overall human power struggle. As I watched this film, I had to ask, are we born virtuous and good or morally deficient and evil? The answer that I have personally come to is, neither. I believe that when we are born, we are a clean slate for thoughts and ideas, for which our environments will write upon. We grow to feel the pain of having something taken away, but that same pain could become pleasure, when we are the ones who are doing the taking. Once we begin to think and reason, we understand that taking something from someone causes pain for which we would not want to experience, if something was taken from us.

When power, fear, and ignorance become our life's guide, war, discrimination, greed, degredation, and death then become the pillars of our society. But if there are those who believe differently, I would hope that this could be a forum for free thought. And I hope that The Mist doesn't bring out the worst in real world of our humanity.

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